Friday, 12 July 2013

Finally Twitter Blocks ‘REAL’ IM Account!

It is really shocking that Indian Mujahideen (IM) is connected to social circles via twitter, which is claimed to be the “real” account of the jihadi group. But we must appreciate micro-blogging site twitter’s quick action; it has blocked the terror account immediately. 

"The account — @IndianMujahidin — is suspended for violation of the Twitter rule," said a senior government official. But immediately after this the terror group has created another account and even taunted by tweeting "Dekhte hai tum log kitne accounts block karte ho” (let's see how many accounts you will block). 

IM’s twitter account came to limelight by claiming on BodhGaya serial blasts, they accepted it on twitter and mentioned their next target is Mumbai! Tweeted “Hamara Agla Target Mumbai Hai, Rock sako to rok lo” (Our next target is Mumbai, stop it if you can)

This is really scary!!! Social Networking sites are to connect with your social circles but these days social media is misused to promote terrorism. Hope these social networking sites takes quick actions to reduce the trauma and make better place to interact.

Twitter Latest App to sync messages across all devices!!!

Now, this is time for twitter update! Yes, Microbloggingsite twitter has introduced its app service to all major devices. This updated twitter app helps its users to sync direct messages all devices and accounts with co-ordinate update for applications for iPhone, Android, Mac, iPad, mobile, TweetDeck etc.

Not only twitter updated its apps but also improved its search results for iPhone, Android, iPad and mobile phones. So, twitter user can see an expanded user result, which shows a full bio and makes it faster and easier to find the account for which users are looking for. 

Cool, isn’t it?

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Look fashionable while working out with Jabong Sports Collection!

In this era, for men being fashionable and stylish has become the main criteria among the different clothes they wear in their daily life. But, many are worried how to look fashionable while working out! These men dress-up they should look descent whenever their dressing style including shoes and jackets matches with their personality. Or better have a look on Jabong Sports Collection inspired by the movie Bhaag Milkha Bhaag.

Just have a look on My Style statement while working out! 

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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wow! Facebook’s Latest ‘Graph Search Update’- Avoide being ‘snooped on’!

Did you notice the latest Facebook Update! Yes, now it’s the time for Graph search update. Social networking giant FB rolled out with its latest graph search update.

This helps Facebook users to find the information about their social circles, like friends in Delhi, who were in Vizag, or friends of friends liking different pages.Now, you can choose and restrict ‘who sees my stuff’ feature and can customize the information visibility according to your wish. 

Under the option of ‘Use activity log’, you can even see a log of yours and your social circles activities on FB including posting comments, liking the photos, updates and many more. Additionally, you can even close down on the type of information posted and shared by you and your social circle by customizing ‘Timeline’ and tagging’ feature and deciding who can tag and post on your timeline. Great update isn’t it?
So, what are you waiting for Update your profile right now!

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Did You Notice Facebook Emoticons Update?

As we all know facebook is changing everyday with little but wonderful modifications and updates. That is why; it is the world’s number one social networking site. FB never fails to surprise its users, especially with its latest updates. So, did you notice facebook emoticon updates? If not please check it or continue reading my blog. 

Recently Facebook has introduced the sticker store. In that Despicable Me 2, Beast, First Mate, Happy-Go-Lucky, Prickly Pear, Banana, Wide Eyes, Skullington, Pusheen, Bun, Hatch, Napoli, Meep, Tigerbell and Mango are the list of stickers available in facebook chat. Interesting update isn’t it?  Wonderful updates in the emoticon section of FB chat. 

The new Meep stickers are just like the emoticons, but in larger sizes. It looks like as if you are chatting on FB from iPhone!

These stickers are entirely different from other emoticons. These consist of different but very interesting cartoons. 

There is no difference in emoticons, they are as usual standard smilies used in FB chat.  

 This is the major update in FB Chat. In this Sticker Store section, one can select the different types of additional stickers provided by FB to send to our FB friends. There are many sticker options like In that DespicableMe 2, Beast, First Mate, Happy-Go-Lucky, Prickly Pear, Banana, Wide Eyes, Skullington, Pusheen, Bun, Hatch, Napoli, Meep, Tigerbell and Mango. There are for free with the preview option.
So, what are you waiting for, just check the latest FB update send these stickers to your FB friends and surprise them!