Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Wow! Facebook’s Latest ‘Graph Search Update’- Avoide being ‘snooped on’!

Did you notice the latest Facebook Update! Yes, now it’s the time for Graph search update. Social networking giant FB rolled out with its latest graph search update.

This helps Facebook users to find the information about their social circles, like friends in Delhi, who were in Vizag, or friends of friends liking different pages.Now, you can choose and restrict ‘who sees my stuff’ feature and can customize the information visibility according to your wish. 

Under the option of ‘Use activity log’, you can even see a log of yours and your social circles activities on FB including posting comments, liking the photos, updates and many more. Additionally, you can even close down on the type of information posted and shared by you and your social circle by customizing ‘Timeline’ and tagging’ feature and deciding who can tag and post on your timeline. Great update isn’t it?
So, what are you waiting for Update your profile right now!