Saturday, 27 July 2013

Why Facebook is Number 1 Social Networking Site?

We all know that facebook is the number one social networking site. Within 9 years of time FB has grown tremendously as a billionaire company. Do you know why it has become number one social networking site? This is all because of FB employees, Mark Zuckerberg is providing each and everything, what his employees need, and this is only to increase the productivity, creativity and trust. 

So, today let us have what all facilities you can get in facebook office if you join. 

      1.  Every week meet ups with Mark Zuckertberg  

Yes, Mark call for a meet every week, so that he can listen to his employee’s ideas, problems and can update FB frequently.

       2. Facebook Interaction

All facebook employees interact with each other with internal groups, they have separate facebook groups, where they can share, interact and can develop ideas. 

         3.  Party

Yes, facebook arranges party once in a year for its employees, where they can enjoy, even they get a valuable gift in that party.

       4. Salary

Do you know, what is the starting salary for a new employeein facebook? Its starts from 67 thousand dollars!

      5. Doctor at Office

You can consult the doctor in office only, as there are special doctors in facebook office!

     6. Full freedom

Most importantly Mark gives you the full freedom to enjoy the work, you can get free food 24*7, special rest rooms, hi-fi facilities, additionally whatever you want you can do it the office. Great isn’t it?!

I guess, finally you understood now, why facebook is thenumber one social networking site?