Thursday, 25 July 2013

Save Electricity, Invest It For Tomorrow!

Joao Lammoglia, his attempt to save electricity, in order to save the planet. Planet earth that gives us everything, he says, its time to repay her back.

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Joao Lammoglia , an inventor and a social activist, is working on a global cause. He determines to save electricity by finding other renewable sources of energy. And his finding is the energy in the human body itself. He says that apart from the active energy, the human body has a passive energy.  Breathing, heat beat and other activities in human body that does not require any effort are known as passive human energy. Joao Lammoglia has designed a mask.  This mask when weared, will produce electric energy, due to the natural breathing of human being. Really a great idea!

Why Joao Lammoglia wants to save energy:
We all know that most of the electricity that we get in our houses is prepared in some thermal power stations by burning coal. The coal is a finite resource, and also burning it produces harmful gases that are then released in the atmosphere, thereby creating other problems like global warming and depletion of ozone layer from the atmosphere. If we save energy, we are thereby saving the planet earth. As, we have only one planet to live.
The idea of using human energy:
As a product designer, Joao decided to design products that can minimize his carbon footprints. Joao Lammoglia has designed a mask that can produce significant amount of electricity to charge our portable devices like mobiles and laptops. The idea is not about designing mask or some other device to produce to produce electricity. The main motive of doing all this is to save the planet earth. We cannot stop using electricity. But if we find out other alternative ways to produce clean energy, that will definitely save the precious resources of earth.

Other renewable sources of energy:
The wind energy, solar energy is other renewable sources of energy are available. We need to continue implementing these technologies but we also need to think more innovative solutions that are available all the time.

The quote that inspires him a lot. And he says the force is in us. He believes the next solution will be the human energy. The human energy can be divided into 2 sections.

 1. The active energy which is the energy that we need to make an extra effort generated.
2. Passive energy, the energy inherited in our body such as our vital functions, heart beating or brain activity. These can be used to recharge cells implanted to inside, to work as a substitute of some disease or an injured organ like an eye.

Thus replacing vital organs, which may be affected by ay disease or accident. These technologies will be available in not a very distance future.

Ideas can complement each other. Ideas can grow together, and when this happens impossible becomes temporary.

My Idea…
Humans and many other animals, like our pets, are hot blooded animals. How about designing a suit, that can absorb the heat energy of the body, and convert it into electricity. This will reduce the excess heat from the body and will also; give us a renewable source of energy.

Whatever source of energy it may be, we should remember to save energy. And thus save our planet.

YouTube Video- JoaoLammoglia

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