Monday, 22 July 2013

Top 5 Social Networking Sites For Kids!!!

In this era, everybody is connected with social networking sites. These sites are useful for everyone in many ways as well as harmful. People are connected with their families, friends, and loved ones around the world via Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and many other popular social networking sites. But how about the kids? How social networking sites helps kids to share information? How useful they are for kids? Actually are there any social networking sites for kids?

Believe it or not there are so many social networking sites for kids, moreover they are popular too. Here are few very poplar social networking sites for kids. These social networking sites are safe, interactive for kids, who are under 13. 

   1.   ScuttlePad

   2. Everloop

   3. Yoursphere

   4. GiantHello

       5. Sweety High