Thursday, 3 December 2015

Sugar Free Pan Cake

As we all know Pancakes are incredibly delicious and really very simple to prepare. You need only 4 things to prepare this delicious dessert.

Ingredients You need:
2 tea spoon Maida
1 tea spoon 'Sugarfree Natura' and
a pinch of baking powder.

Egg, Maida, Sugarfree Natura and baking powder, mix all together and keep it for a minute. Its consistency should be like dosa batter. To conclude, you ought to pour the pancake batter mixture right in the fry pan and separate the pancakes.

Garnish with fruits and nuts. thats it !!! Now you can enjoy the delicious Sugar Free Pancake :)

This blog post is the part of  Sugar Free Dessert Challenge by SugarFree and Indiblogger.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Dignified Woman in My Life

In shaping me up as an individual, my parents made most of the contributions. My father took care that I get everything I desire in life, while my MOM always taught me to live without my desires being always fulfilled. Sometimes, my mothers's teachings are harsh but the most important ones for me. So, I always understand her significance in my life and try to make her feel special from time to time. My mother is always my first expert and this blog post is to show how much love I have for my mother. 

My mother is always appreciated and valued by for the way she is dedicated her to our family. She never demands anything from me but she is just expert in giving advises. When I wanted to color my hair just to get a new look, friends suggested me to go for some local brand, which they have used, but my mother said NO, She just said, if you want to color your hair go for Godrej or else no coloring nothing. She sounded rude, but I must thank her for the best advice, as my friends who used other brand for coloring the hair got the gray hairs, mine are still the same.

Thank you #MyFirstExpert

Friday, 1 May 2015

Start A new Life After Marriage!!!

Just Married and planning to #startanewlife? Are you looking
for home sweet home an some financial help? Planning to buy a new home,
household items, electronics ? Well, in that scenario finding the instant help
is really difficult. Few real estate companies like can give a good
chance to the newly married couple to start a new life without any difficulty.

In this era, not everyone's dream comes true, not everyone
can own dream home. As we expect like many bedrooms, big kitchen, extremely
large dining area, both Indian and western attached bathrooms for every room.

When I and my wife started looking for a house, we were
really disappointed and one of my friend suggested me to go for
Before that we looked many homes, which were huge in size and are very
expensive. Everyone of us dreams of owning our dream home, but only a few are
lucky enough to make their dream come true. If you have the money to buy your
dream home, then you must be having a dream home design in mind too. That
design can be anything related to your wants in a dwelling.

We were having the money even the design, but who will be the
people to build our dream home? how can we trust them? again confused! as there
are many construction companies in the market, who are professional in making
our dream home come true. But can we trust them?
 At that moment we

logged in to, then we came across many projects, so many builders
and construction companies, which deal in building our dream home. We come to
know many builders are done a lot of work in this field and they are the best
at what they can do for us.

We selected one company, which offer a lot of services. We
even visited their office and got an insight into their work. As we had a particular
design in mind, we conveyed it to their expert team. They carefully analyzed it
and started the work according to our convenience. Before that we even visited
their previous and the latest projects. All were just great. We were tensed as
they are the big property builders, will the finish our home on time? You just
can not believe, they have finished it within a given deadline.

The company was with us at each and every step along the way
to design our home very carefully and very beautifully. The expert team has
created a luxury home at affordable cost. I and my wife must thank
for providing us such various and wonderful opportunities to create our dream
home. This is how we started a new life after wedding. 

Thursday, 26 March 2015

Me and Mom #TOGETHER

My mother has always played an important part in improving my family and my condition. She is the one for me. Nothing is more comforting than having a mother waiting for me in the home with glass of water and loads of love. During rainy days, when I trudged in soggy and sulky, mom would have a bowl full of hot pakodas and a cup of chai. During schooldays she waited for hours to take me into her bosom. She is the one who despite being tired never hesitated to pay ear to my chatty things of school, college or office.

Never mind that despite her care, love and adoration, hardly I could take time to ask her how is she.When I look back and I have realized that if there is someone who was,and who is and who will always be by my side then it is my mother, my sweet innocent lovely mother. Whatever I am today is all because of my mother love and dedication towards me. I would like to salute my mother for doing everything for me.

It was a bad day of life, I failed in business!!! I was unhappy and not knowing how to inform about my failure, about my loss at home. It was my mother who helped me to come out from this. I and my mother sat #togetherShe told me "Look Beta, Failure can be your helper and it can also do a lot for your life. Of course it won't be the type of friend, which you can hang out with. It is most likely the kind, which gives out the tough love, which you will need for the entire life. It may seems odd that you have to put a positive bend on something, which is typically seen as a downbeat. But, if you find yourself asking 'How can I change my life?', then this could be what you are trying to find."

After discussion together I realized my mother's wordings are hundred percent true and I must follow her. That was the moment I became optimistic, and thought to follow certain rules. To help get a positive spin on any failure I encountered, I have to first analyze it. Examine the situation, which lead up to it. Even the minute facts are important in failure. I kept in mind that I ought to always take or have a look at things with an objective eye. When it comes to failure, subjective attitude is just not going to get me anywhere. Be open to the actual fact, which I did something amiss.

That day sitting together with my mother made me to count my mistakes and not to repeated it again.