Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Now, You Can Delete Your Web Traces!!!

Yes, A new website called allows web users to delete their web trace from social networking sites to retailed databases with much ease. 

This site has been created by a web developer called Robb Lewis, and designed by Ed Poole from United Kingdom. This website provides users with a directory of URL’s highlighting the links to pages, which they want to delete themselves from. went live on August 19, 2013 and its directory including social media giant Facebook, Foursquare, Dropbox and Feedly.  This site has got more than 5 lack hits within first week.  This website will help you to maintain online privacy and security. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go to this website and delete your web traces.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013

What If There Was No Ambi Pur?! Oh God Can’t Imagine!!!

Warning: This Article is not for weak persons; additionally do not try this at home if you do not have the Ambi Pur weapon at your home.

A bachelor is a man who never makes the same mistake once. -Ed Wynn

Yes, I am bachelor and completely agree with the Ed Wynn’s words. I realized this when I got a job opportunity in Vizag (Vishakapatnam). 

As you all know bachelor life is one of the most unforgettable part of man’s life, so I wanted to make it more comfortable and more memorable. So, instead of being in hostel, I took one flat. Later, few other friends of mine joined me. It feels great to be with nearest friends and have fun. 

Staring everything was going great. Rehman, Sawan, Animesh and I were all set.  Every day we used to clean the room and utensils. If Rehman is cooking, I used clean the room and Sawan and Animesh used to wash the utensils. Things were fine till there.

As you all know boys are boys!!! Our daily work has turned weekly, few days later turned monthly!!! After hearing this you can imagine our life. I must share few situations with you. We all liked milk a lot, used to make coffee or tea every day. 

One fine day we all together were in room and watching movie, suddenly started smelling noxious, no idea what was that!!! As Rehman’s nose is sharper than us, he said that smell is coming from kitchen. I must say it was smelling very badly, totally disgusting. As I was not having enough courage to enter into the kitchen, I said carry on boys!!! After searching entire kitchen, Animesh came with a bowl, which was the reason for this, but still we were not getting what was this white liquid. Suddenly, Sawan remembered and said, “Oh, this is milk, which I bought last week!!! You guys din’t drink it? You wasted my money!!!” We all started scolding Sawan for not informing us about the milk.

 Finally Sawan has cleaned thebowl and took out his weapon to start a war against bad odor, Ambi Pur!! Thank god, finally I could breathe after that. 

If you are thinking this was the last time, no. Our kitchen was no lesser than a Biology lab. Not only we were cooking there, but also were the witness of evolution!!! 

Yes, we were the witness of evolution. We saw how fungus will grow on rice. How many different kinds of flies eat chicken, we even created the   fungus forest in our kitchen lab and all credit goes to our laziness and to the bad memory. 

I must say we were well deserved to get the noble prize for our research! During all our research, Ambi Pur was with us to save our life. 

When I look back and start thinking, what if there was no Ambi Pur!!! I just can’t imagine my life. Thanks to Ambi Pur for saving our life my making your room so refreshed, all time, every time. I even thank Indiblogger for conducting such a wonderful contest

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