Thursday, 22 August 2013

Bollywood Celebrities Using Facebook Fan Page

 Moreover, these starts are more active on Twitter rather than the social media giant facebook!
All the celebrities, who all are on SN sites, they are using it as the platform for their film promotion.  They are interacting, clarifying the gossips, revealing the news on real time and direct to their fans. They are releasing their first look on SN sites only for their fans. 

As you can see in their profiles, they are updating it every day about their movies and other initiatives. Additionally, they even started to promote their movies on facebook, twitter, and on YouTube channels. Bollywoodmovies are aggressively being promoted on social media. These days every movie has its own YouTube channel and an official facebook fan page. 

This looks revolutionary as Bollywood is adopting the latest technologies and found a new way to promote their movies.