Friday, 9 August 2013

Facebook's Another Graph Search Update!!!

By today you might be aware of facebook’s latest update, as it updated facebook Graph Search on August 7th.  The latest graph search update makes easy to make new friends, can search for friends and pages by name, or just by simple phrases to find something related people, photos, places, interests and many more. 


You can even know the things like, "My friends who live in my city," "People from my hometown," "Friends of friends who live nearby and like playing cricket" and so many other things. Moreover, you can revisit your favorite photos or photos you missed: "Photos I like," "Photos of my family," "Photos of my friends taken in Hyderabad"

Discover restaurants and places recommended by others:
"Hotels in Hyderabad visited by my friends", "Cafes in Bangalore, Mysore, visited by people who live in Bangalore, Mysore" "Restaurants in Mumbai liked by graduates of the Mumbai University"

Look for interesting activities to explore:

"Movies my friends like," "Books my friends of friends have read," "Music liked by people who like the music that I like"

Great update isn’t it?!