Friday, 16 August 2013

Social Media For Online Tutors

As we all know online tutoring is the brand new form of leaning and great support for working, busy scheduled people. Just like classroom teachings, online tutoring is equally effective. The live video conversation and the personalized session give you the similar sense and advantages as in case of the offline classes. This is additionally beneficial compared to the traditional classroom tutoring.
That is the reason many students, working professionals areopting online tutors

More Convenience
Time Factor
Technological Benefits

Yes, in online tutoring there is no inflexible timings, or must commute to classes, as one can enjoy his class by sitting at home on his convenience.  You can make a choice of schedule the time, which is most comfortable for you. Additionally, one can even access to the previous sessions as classes will be recorded by the tutors. Opting for internet based tutoring services is affordable and equally effective.

Google plus hangout
Facebook Group
Facebook Page
Slide Share

YouTube has turned out to be a boon for online tutors, as they can upload the demo session and important notes in that. Many online tutors are having their official YouTube channel to promote their online tutoring business. 

Google plus hangouts are another most preferred social media channel for online tutors as they can arrange the demo class or the subject discussion for their students in a group.
For any queries and doubts students can have a clear discussion on Facebook Groups and you can even maintain a facebook fan page for your reputation. Slide Share is much more important for a online tutor than Facebook, as you can add valuable presentation in Slide share, so that your students can download the notes. 

Social Networking sites for online tutors are contemporary form of tutoring with unmatched level of convenience.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

World's 1st Twitter Hotel in Spain- In Pics!!!

In my previous post I told you about World's 1st Twitter Hotel in Spain, now have a look on that wonderful hotel.

This twitter hotel has 84 rooms, two swimming pools, VIP Zone, free wi-fi, and a wonderful shopping mall.

Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Facebook Anniversary Party in Pics!!!

 Facebook Anniversary Party

Every year Facebook arranges party for its employees and gives valuable gifts to each of them. So, this year it was organized in California. Here are the pics. 

Monday, 12 August 2013

World's 1st Twitter Hotel in Spain!!!

You will be wonder to know, there is hotel in Spain which runs on Twitter, wonderful isn’t it? 

Spain's Melia brand of hotels has unveiled their new Sol Wave House in Majorca as the first 'Twitter hotel' of the world, which merges the real and virtual worlds to create entirely thrilling experience. 

Social Wave House will connect all the customers in the hotel to their own social community, where they can meet, interact, have fun, compete, experience, flirt (Yes, you can do that too!), tweet, and much more.

People, who go to this hotel, can communicate with the check-in dest and hotel staff using #SocialWave hashtag. One can order room services, drink or any other request by using the (#)hashtag. 

Twitter account of this wonderful hotel is, @SolWaveHouseand it has 1084 followers till now, the followers are increasing every second.