Sunday, 23 June 2013

The Art Of Making Tea In Office

We all have to spend long hours in office. And to refresh ourselves, we need a taste bud friendly and mind relaxing, cup of tea. Now, how can we get such type of tea in office..?

This is a big question. The tea and coffee vending machines installed in offices are pathetic. They provide tea with high doze of sugar, very harmful for those who do little physical activity at work.

So how can we prepare the best tea in office.

Take a cup of  hot milk. This you can get from the tea vending machine. Add a single Everyday (milk sachet) to this cup of warm milk. Mix it nicely by pouring the warm milk from one cup to another. And then, add two dip tea sachets to it.

 Add a cube of sugar for taste. ( I prefer my cup of tea without sugar to get the original taste of tea and to reduce the risk of diabetes).

Thats it, ENJOY your home like cup of tea in office.