Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Rangoli Ideas For This Festive Season

Indian festive season is on! and in this season we go for shopping for new clothes, new home decorations, sweets, gift items, flowers and much more. We decorate our homes and do Pooja, but our festive Pooja and celebration is incomplete without Rangoli. So, in this blog-post I am sharing some simple yet beautiful Rangoli ideas. Here you go!

1.Sanskar Rangolis:

Sanskari rangolis involve the use of a lot of circles in it. These kind of Rangolis even have a circular border around the rangoli.

2. Alpanas Ragoli:

Alpanas Rangolis are made with a paste prepared by grounding overnight soaked rice grains. These Rangolis are considered auspicious and are said to attract Goddess Laxmi.

3. Free hand Rangoli:

Free hand Rangolis are drawn without the use of dots and are drawn by free hand strokes. These kind of Rangolis have their own charm.

4. Flower Rangoli:

Flower Rangolis are also widely popular in India. These Rangolis are made by varying arrangements of flowers. You can even use flower petals are also used to make this pretty type of Rangoli.

5. Mordern Rangoli:

These mordern Rangolis look beautiful and are different from the traditional Rangolis. You can make them according to your creativity.

All the colourful Rangolis are beautiful, aren't they? Comment below your favorite one.

Lots of LOVE<3
Team D2D Enjoy