Tuesday, 2 February 2016

How to Write #Music Script for Visual Media

  ANCHOR: Hello Good evening. Like every day today also I have come up with an interesting topic, but before going to that, let us begin our show 'MANN CHAAHE'


                                   --------------Program title----------------

ANCHOR: Hello Good evening. Like every day today also I have come up with an interesting topic, but before going to that, let us begin our show 'MANN CHAAHE'
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Anchor: Some persons love ice creams, some may not and some love playing and some find null interest on it. But if a person says he/she does not love music, then first go for a test, whether he is human or not. (winking)

#Music is like a drug injected so strong in everyday. The impact of music follows us from birth to till death..

  BGM( I wanna follow follow follow you, song from Nannagku Prematho -Tollywood Movie)

Anchor: Just going to further, let us listen to this feel-good song
    SONG (Waiting for Love- Avicii)
Anchor: Let's take a short break in MANN CHAHE after this beautiful song.
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                                              - ------------------- Break-------------------
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Anchor: Welcome back.
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As we were discussing about the music, let me tell you our body is a great music instrument, our heart syncs in a particular rhythm. May be you guys would definitely know about what if our music stops (Laughing)
Now let's all surf in an ocean of music.
Voice over:  Music is like an ocean, it always rejuvenating, refreshing and recycling like a wave. When you turned on to your favourite song, the feeling is a small wave touching your bare foot and when the song come to an end you feel like sand is skipping under your feet after every wave.
Anchor: Now you understand what I said just before, carrying the feel just move on to deeper.
V.O: Music has many types, many versions, instruments but feeling is same and may be it would be defined as touching the heart with sounds that are maintained in a rhythm and setting one’s mood.

Music can be categorized into blues, tribal, Pop, Bass based on the frequencies. Now music has many genres such as
 Classical                    #Image (Music Bit)
Western                     # Image (Music Bit)
Contemporary         # Image (Music Bit)
Folk                          # Image (Music Bit)

Anchor: Music is a complete dish it has all the flavors, here everyone can taste and enjoy their choice, we had many love songs especially for lovers

                                 ----------------Love song (1 min) ------------
and Dhamaake Dhar songs for party animals.


V.o: We are blissful that this land gave us many music composers, singers and instrument players who can just give us a pleasure that can insert in our mobiles every day.
(Images of Musicians)

Anchor: Okay Viewers, I shared my knowledge in music to you. If you want to share your ideas, opinions and your feedback just write on our page Mann Chaahe.
Tomorrow let us meet with another interesting topic only on MANN CHAAHE.
This is your host dost, Signing Off.

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