Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Future Of Shopping With eBay

Date: 10-9-2013
Night: 12.30 pm

Yes, another Indiblogger contest, that too on “The Future OfShopping” Sponsored by eBayCheck!! That’s great. I was waiting for this kind of contest since very long time. Ok let me check, what all the prizes are, Oh what is this? Why is it taking so much of time to load this page!! I just hate this!!!
Oh God not again, why why and why always this happens to me? Mumbai is also suffering from load shedding? Can’t believe this. Oh freak, my mobile battery is also not working; let it go, let me sleep now.

Date: 11-9-2030
Morning: 8 am

Announcement: Good morning Mr.Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay.  It’s great that you woke up or else we were planning to wake you up with our alarms. Today’s latest fashion is RED. We ordered a RED suit for you from eBay

No sooner the announcement stopped, my dress automatically changed into RED and I realized that I am sitting on chair which is flying. Can’t believe this!!! And the announcement continued!!! no idea from where that voice was coming from.

 Announcement: Hello Mr. Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay. Today’s special Pineapple flavored milk, apple flavored milk, Mango, cherry hope you select, which you would love to have for breakfast. 

As the announcement stopped, suddenly a screen appeared in front of me and was showing the list of glasses contenting the flavored milk. It was touch screen. I touched on Mango Flavored milk. My screen started blinking “Buy now from eBay”. I bought. Within a fraction of second, the robot came to me with a glass of milk. I was still in shock!!! How come? The entire world looked so strange to me. 

 Announcement: Hello Mr. Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay.  Thank you for having your breakfast, which was containing 146 calories, 7.93g Fat, 4.551g saturated fat, Sodium 98mg, Potassium 349mg, Carbohydrate 11.03g, Sugars 12.83g, Protein 7.86g and Calcium 28%, which is good for your health.

I was still thinking what to reply!!!

Announcement: Hello Mr. Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay. As you were complaining about your flying robotic chair, I ordered it from eBay, you just need to give a voice confirmation for the product delivery. 

 Soon a very big screen came in front of my eyes and started beeping, I had no clue what to say, I just said “I confirm”!!! And in Seconds I was on my new flying robotic chair. 

I decided to have look of the entirely new word, I clicked the mouse kind of button which was in my flying chair.

Announcement: Hello Mr. Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay. Today’s temperature is 72 degree Celsius; you can go out and have fun.

When I went out and looked, there was school. There were so many babies, sitting on their flying chairs, and were taking class from robo teacher!! 

 Yes, a robot was teaching them A,B,C,D.  Not only that robo teacher was teaching A,B,C,D but also was teaching how to order the products from eBay!!! Very next to the baby sitting there was a beauty parlor. Then I said it to myself, women will be women!!!

I could see that, it was not exactly like the beauty parlor, the females were ordering from their screens. They used to order it from eBay, and the robots used come to their place and do the beauty treatments. 

I thought eBay is not only selling and buying the products but also sending the robots for everything in 2030 and this might be called as future of shopping!!! 

Announcement: Hello Mr. Amit Kumar, This is your Personal Robostant from eBay. I ordered your dinner from eBay, which you have set yesterday. Hope you like it. 

As the announcement ended there was another glass of milk, which was handed to me by a robot.
OMG, what is happening to me??? Ok let me have my dinner and sleep now. I may feel good by tomorrow.

Date: 11-9-2013
Morning: 8 am

Oh!! it was dream, wow!!! It was a great dream. Finally I have got the wonderful concept to write about it.  And hope this will be the future of shopping in eBay!!!

This post is part of Indiblogger’s The Future Of Shopping Contest sponsored by eBayCheck