Wednesday, 13 May 2015

The Dignified Woman in My Life

In shaping me up as an individual, my parents made most of the contributions. My father took care that I get everything I desire in life, while my MOM always taught me to live without my desires being always fulfilled. Sometimes, my mothers's teachings are harsh but the most important ones for me. So, I always understand her significance in my life and try to make her feel special from time to time. My mother is always my first expert and this blog post is to show how much love I have for my mother. 

My mother is always appreciated and valued by for the way she is dedicated her to our family. She never demands anything from me but she is just expert in giving advises. When I wanted to color my hair just to get a new look, friends suggested me to go for some local brand, which they have used, but my mother said NO, She just said, if you want to color your hair go for Godrej or else no coloring nothing. She sounded rude, but I must thank her for the best advice, as my friends who used other brand for coloring the hair got the gray hairs, mine are still the same.

Thank you #MyFirstExpert