Friday, 20 September 2013

Interview – Opportunity or Stress

People, who are looking for jobs must face the interview round as a part of recruitment process. So, to get a job, facing the interview is the first step, for sure it is an opportunity. Before going to any interview, if you prepare for below mentioned questions, then interview never going to be stress for you. 

What qualities do you think you will be required for this job profile?

    What can you contribute to the company?

    Why do you want to work for that company? Be specific

    What do you know about that company? If you don’t know, please do research 

    What interest you about their services?

    How would you describe yourself to the interviewer?

    What has been your greatest success till today?

     How could you improve yourself?

    How do you handle criticism in any company?

    Do you work well with others?

    Are you self motivated?

    Can you act on your own initiative?

    What motivates you?

    Do you work well under pressure?

    What are your career goals?

One must know the answer for all these questions. To get the success in the interview, you must convince the interviewer and inform that, you are best suited for the job,  have the right skills and qualification for the job.
 If you have answer for these questions then no need to worry at all, just go ahead and face the opportunity. Because an opportunity never knocks twice at your door. So, whenever you get a call from job portals like Careesma, never miss a chance. All the very best. 

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Monday, 16 September 2013

Job Portal – How effective they are??

Job Portals are crucial as far as the job requirement is concern. Job portals like Careesma (, provide us the latest news about the recruitment, so that we can apply on time. Job portals bring us the latest employment news for our convenience. They have jobs for all, no matter about the candidate, whether belonging to academic and professional field.  

They will publish about the job opening on their official website, regarding related department. To make it much more easy job portals like have started sending the information about jobs on mobile and via emails. 

The main purpose about online job portal is to spread the information for the welfare of the job aspirants. They will help not only the jobseekers but also the employer to find the right candidate. 

Nowadays, almost all every recruitment has been structured in such a way that we can submit our application online. Job portals instruct the candidates, from the beginnings of the recruitment and till the placements of the vacant seats. They help us in everything. Job portals inform us regularly about the recruitment process. 

  Therefore, candidates who have not register their details on job portals, must register as soon as possible. I recommend to the all job seekers to visit the, and register there, as they will provide you the information about all kind of recruitments. 

The Job Portal like is very important in India to provide information about the latest requirements. 

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